Sustainable Farming & Textile Art at Schooner Creek Farm



Regenerative Craft

Sarah, a farm wife who is mother to three beautiful boys, uses a spinning wheel to turn wool into yarn. The wool comes from her flock of heritage-breed Shetland sheep, which are raised on green grass and sweet hay. The yarns are then hand-dyed using flowers and herbs. Following that they are often woven into garments and other textiles when she finds time in between milking the goats and homeschooling her children.

A self taught shepherdess and weaver, fiber arts are like soul-food to Sarah, who supplies the community with a "sheep-to shawl" experience and offers wool, yarn and finished weavings for sale. 

Abundant produce at the farmers market

Biodynamic Harmony

Hands in the soil, the Earth is honored by the careful growing of nutrient dense food for the community using sustainable no-till/ no-tractor, "human-scale" farming methods. These methods preserve the precious topsoil which can take 100's of years to generate. 

Permaculture design principles are applied on the land where applicable and biodiversity is maximized outside the market garden by encouraging, cultivating and caring for native flora and fauna. The market garden features a wide range of vegetables from classics to gourmet. Sarah works with her husband to produce tens of thousands of pounds of high quality food every year, on just over 3/4 acre of land. Their customers enjoy knowing that their food is free of harmful GMO's and synthetic chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides, fungicides or fertilizers. 

Goats provide milk and weed management on the farm as well as manure to naturally fertilize crops. A flock of chickens is rotated around the property to utilize their natural gifts as foragers and mini-tillers, creating production areas. The eggs provide healthy food to hundreds of local customers. 



Creating beauty and living holistically are top priorities for Sarah Dye, who helped install fabulous professional landscapes all over the region including the original conversion of a city parking lot into an interactive butterfly garden and pond at The Wonderlab, a popular local children's science museum. 

Sarah co-owns Schooner Creek Farm, which has donated money, plants, textiles for fundraising auctions, as well as time teaching, to several local organizations and groups such as Sycamore Land Trust, Bloomington Community Orchard, The Wild Nature Project, The Local Growers Guild, WFHB Radio, and more. The farm hosts Indiana University Agriculture students for educational tours. Schooner Creek Farm sells their products at several local farmers markets including The Bloomington Community Farmers Market since 2011. The farm also offers  deliveries to Greenwood, Morgantown & Columbus, Indiana.

Connecting the community with healthy local food is one of Sarah's many passions and a source of inspiration in her helping to found the Nashville Indiana Farmer's Market in 2017. Since it's beginning, she has volunteered hundreds of hours of time toward marketing & research for the 501c3.